Study Team and Oversight

IARC Governance

The IARC Scientific Council and IARC Governing Council oversee all projects of the Agency.

Given the wider focus and reporting on this project, in May 2013 and May 2014 the IARC Director briefed the IARC Governing Council on the study in Asbest.

In January 2014, the IARC Director and the IARC Principal Investigator also presented the study, its rationale, and its challenges to the IARC Scientific Council. The IARC Scientific Council expressed its support of the conduct of the study. In line with IARC′s approach to all of its research studies, the Scientific Council advised IARC to discontinue participation if at any stage the design, conduct, or analysis is compromised. Documents from IARC governing body meetings are publicly available on the IARC Governance website.

In January 2017, during the periodical scientific review of the Section of Environment and Radiation, the study progress was presented to and evaluated favourably by the review panel. The outcome of the Section evaluation was reported to the IARC Scientific Council and the IARC Governing Council.